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For some companies, health and safety is just a fashionable, yet empty slogan that is resorted to in order to lure customers into ordering their services.

In our case, principles allowing for a safe and effective work performance are of utmost importance. We are determined to avoid all situations and circumstances that may pose a direct threat to construction workers and/or customers who have ordered one of our scaffolding designs from the B&J Scaffolding Company.

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You have to be aware of the fact, that employed professionals will be using the provided scaffolding almost every single day, for numerous hours consecutively. They have to be sure that their safety is not endangered and that there are no contraindications when it comes to the execution of demanding works involving the performance of very specific tasks several meters above the ground. To maintain the optimal level of safety, we follow best industrial practices, thanks to the compliance with which there have been no serious accidents, damages, or injuries resulting from the use and exploitation of designs supplied by our enterprise. For all the parties interested, we have prepared a brief list of key undertakings that are performed to ensure the maximum safety level to all the individuals taking advantage of scaffoldings designed and assembled by our skilled professionals.

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The most important thing that we would like to draw the attention of all the readers to is that before proceeding to the assembly of one of available products, we properly check foundations on which it is to be set up, as we know that an uneven surface may be the direct cause of a serious tragedy that may cost construction workers their health and lives. What is more, our company is highly appreciated by its customers due to the fact that its managers and owners are capable of creating a comprehensive work execution plan, thanks to which there is no risk that the assembly of the scaffolding ordered will be executed during busy hours. It ensures that neither our employees will be interrupted, nor they will make life difficult for other inhabitants and users of a given area.

We would additionally like to indicate that while realizing each and every project for our customers, we strictly follow British Standards, which is not only the guarantee of 100 % safety of the installation.

Insurance that there will be no breach of applicable working principles, noise and pollution limits, as well as the nuisance that is the assembly of a large-scale construction will be limited to the highest extent possible. While working with us, you can be sure that we perform our tasks not only in the most professional, but also the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. That is why both individual and corporate entities have been abandoning competitive firms in favor of our company. We are highly grateful for that!

When it comes to health and safety, the proper installation and securing all the main and auxiliary ladders, handrails, and lifts is vital as well. It is not the slightest problem for us, as our employees have perennial experience in both assembly and disassembly of installations characterized by various levels of complexity. Last but not least, individuals employed at the B&J Scaffolding Company follow the weekly check-up procedure, which is oriented towards identifying and assessing the integrity and durability of the installation after every week of its exploitation and operation. In the case of any malfunctions or other technical problems, a team of professionals is assigned, the aim of which is to fix all the specified issues as quickly as possible. Afterwards, the assessment is performed again and our customer is informed about its outcomes.

If you want to learn more about health and safety standards followed in our company.

feel free to contact us at any time – our representatives will gladly familiarize you with our protocols, as well as advise with regard to most cost-effective and beneficial services that you can take advantage of after starting a long-lasting cooperation with B&J Scaffolding.